About us

Volarra is the project of two good friends. We, Stella, a free-spirited woman with a knack for spotting trends, and Fiona, a British fashion aficionado, found ourselves united by a common frustration. The fashion world felt overwhelming, a sea of trends with little focus on curation or personal style.

We envisioned a haven, a place where style-conscious individuals could discover unique, curated collections that spoke to their inner selves. We dreamed of a shopping experience inspired by the vibrant energy of the Dutch and British.

Volarra wasn't just a store; it was the culmination of countless shopping trips, whispered ideas and an unwavering belief that fashion should be an adventure, not a chore.

We are Stella and Fiona, the faces behind Volarra. We bring you a unique perspective, a blend of Dutch design sensibilities and British love of quality. Join us on this journey, explore our collections and discover the magic of effortless style.